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WHMIS Trained Cleaners in the Province of NS

At D & J's Cleaning Services, we stand behind our dedication to maintain a safe working environment to ensure the health and safety of our staff. To make sure you get worry-free janitorial service in the Halifax area and areas across the province, we have implemented a comprehensive range of policies and procedures, which begin with an initial orientation when an employee is appointed, followed by regular reviews and updates.

WHMIS & First Aid Trained Cleaning Staff

Our management encourages participation of our workers in our Occupational Health & Safety initiatives, by providing them with high-quality equipment, safe work procedures and the training required for maintaining safety at work. Our staff is responsible for following these procedures to work safely and improve safety measures, if possible.

Certified instructors from Dalcam and St. John Ambulance provide effective training to our staff. Our training programs include "toolbox" meetings, health and safety meetings, WHMIS and first aid training, and more. We also have a health and safety committee that comprises of senior managers, supervisors, and workers. The committee meets every month to review activities, concerns, and written reports, among other aspects of our health and safety policy.

Health and Safety
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